Saturday, 9 February 2013

Webcomic: Friday Paranatural and Plume

it did come out yesterday...
Man, the Mr. Doorman is weird, I love the humor with words and functions and meaning with the words xDD, sarcasm for the win. He seems to be a little complicated ._.
according to what Corrick says, makes sense why they were working together searching and excavating the artefacts, sure the story is starting to move, from so far, K. Lynn Smith get the timing right, when we think we're getting a background and somehow something always interrupt or moves on something else, such as when Corrick was about to tell his story and was interrupted by Tegan bringing Vesper new outfit and the key of the story movement and character development, Vesper's father journal, nice touches to make us wonder more about the main characters and the villain and Vesper's father, the whole story.

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