Thursday, 7 February 2013

Now Playing|Games = Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of White Witch

yepy-opie-dopie, I'm playing it, yay, but no, I don't have wizard edition (as much as I'd love to but is way too expensive) and is neither standard version, it's a digital version, sharing with my brother and his girlfriend, so yes, I have 4 DLC familiars for free, so we sort of take turns (since he is at the university and I'm unemployed).
The game so far, I know I didn't advanced much in the story, 16 hours or so, I'm in castaway cove, training to pass the test to have a cauldron since the genie is quite hard, I have to make special preparations and training to fight against al-khemi, he is hard :/. (I'm playing in difficulty level normal), it's just that he is kinda...unpredictable...also he has one or two powerful attack and also I'm very picky when I play RPGs, I have to be well prepared, or else, :p.

I must say the battle system it is complex, it's a bit hard for me to get the defend at the right time :p.
I love the DLC familiars, they are very cool, my favourite is gryffy :3.
it's really cool that you can change between familiar and characters, the familiars has a limited time to be used, they are pretty cool, it resembles like playing pokemon and also love playing Oliver, being a wizard, casting spells, it makes me feel like a real one in a sense, using spells not only in combat but also get through some places, open locket treasure chests, talk with ghosts, give and take heart piece and the side quests.
the animation is amazing of course ;)

Favourite character so far, it's still soon to chose since I still don't have Swaine yet in my party, it's Mr.Drippy, he has such a funny way  of talking, specially "mun" and "tidy" and supreme sage Solomon, even though he talks rude (kinda like Mr. Drippy), he kinda insults a bit, funny and his personality, he is so caustic, I always laugh at his comments. I sure had a weird pick on characters this's rare for me have such weird picks in characters.

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