Saturday, 9 February 2013

From Pottermore News website [Interview with Charlie Redmayne ; Pottermore CEO Part I]

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This post will be sort of an analysis and speculation according with this interview...
so we can say about...
the most interesting points of the interview:

PN: How do you plan to increase the site’s re-value? In other words, How do you plan to keep fans coming back to the site?CR: I think that’s a really good point, and I think it is a very valid criticism. The site currently resonates very well amongst really hardcore Harry Potter fans. Also, I think that the thing that really attracts them is the new content. When we put new content live, we see large numbers of people coming back, consuming that content. Then quite a lot of people don’t spend enough time, sort of coming back to the site until we have a new content release. So, I think the best way of answering that question is that we are aware of that, and you will see change. We will continue to evolve the site by adding new content to it for people to enjoy, new content from J.K. Rowling, and to have new stuff for the fans. There will also be other changes that we will start to make, to invite new Harry Potter fans to discover more about the world; people who may have only read a couple of the books or seen a couple of the moviesPottermore needs to work for that audience too.
it's not surprising that everytime comes new exclusive content or content, large numbers comes to read the new content, it's interesting this points they noticed from us, what's most interests us, the kind of new stuff to come more people, some changes, I wonder what it will be...hmmm Marauder's Map and Hogsmeade would be nice.

I think that you will see some changes in not the immediate future, but in the quite near future, whereby there is more content, there is more interactive content, there is more freedom in terms of community, and there is more flexibility in how you get to content. At the moment, you have to go on a very rigid journey [to get to content]. I think that, for it to work really well, we need to kind of free up that and have some flexibility in that. I don’t want to say what we’re doing, but you’ll definitely see things changing, not immediately, but there are plans and we’re working on them. And I hope that by later in the year you will see the changes we have made will keep people coming back and we will also bring new fans to Harry Potter onto the site.
strategies...I guess the badges is one of them? does this means it will have more badges and some new interactive content, I wonder...

PN: Will the J.K. Rowling Exclusive Content on Pottermore stay solely on Pottermore, or will we be seeing it in book form?CR: Pottermore will evolve into a range of different digital platforms for people to spend time in, and J.K. Rowling’s Exclusive Content will appear in all of that. So if you look at, for instance, the Book of Spells, which is the new Sony product on Playstation3, it has new content from J.K. Rowling in it. But, as opposed to being published as a book or an e-book, it is being published as an augmented reality experience on Playstation. 
So I think you will see Pottermore on many different platforms, not just browser-based experiences, and what we will do is we will show that content using the functionalities of different devices that are available to make it the best possible experience. 
So there will be new ways of Pottermore, similar to Book of Spells for PS3 and our browser Pottermore, I have suspicions will have something related to tablets...I don't like much the idea if it will go there, it's a bit inevitable but not so much, I mean...tablets are very expensive, it would be too much of a risky move, so I wonder how this will work out, it has something of Sony product related.

if you continue, it's seems J.K. Rowling, our queen is quite involved in this Pottermore project, he said there will be new pottermore products, I wonder what it will be...we have the books, audio books, e-books, all of them, Wonderbook: Book of Spells, what else would it be? I'm so curious.

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