Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rant - Analysis: Fascinating Characters

Characters always give different feelings, understandings and thoughts, whether we like them or not.
Some people can get confused about their feelings about some characters...
You can dislike a character but still respect and find the character fascinating at the same time, I know it because I have many characters I dislike and hate and still respect a lot and think they are interesting to watch, see and read.
there is even those we don't mind but we find interesting, just because you find fascinating a character doesn't mean you like them.
the usually kind of characters we find fascinating, they are very complex, makes you wonder, makes want to discover more and understand more about them, it's what make great characters, having weaknesses and strengths, their worst and best, their questions, their views, their background story,what makes them the way they are, etc.

I'll give you the list of character I really dislike and hate but has my respect and I have some fascination for them:
- Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle
- Professor Umbridge
- Lord Ozai
etc, don't remember more now, lol...

now the ones, I just don't mind but also good and great characters:

- Severus Snape
- Misaki Anzu
-etc, don't remember more...

the ones I love:
- Princess Azula
- Prince Zuko
- Toph
- Hermione
- Ron Weasley
- Pharaoh Atem
- Yugi Mutou

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