Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Analysis|Rants - Shipping of Legend of Korra: Makorra, Borra and Masami

Please don't throw fireballs at me, when I point negative points I express about some shippings...

Where should I start... Mako and Korra make a good dynamic duo, both are passionate but there is differences, Mako is more reserved while Korra just speaks what on her mind, in that sense, Mako has better control of his impulses than Korra, specially at start, while in some episodes ahead, the roles sort of trade specially in episode 9, most of the time Mako and Tenzin were the ones who could keep her head calm, so yes, they balance each other, Korra brings the intensity in Mako while Mako keep Korra in "think before you act". However there is some negatives, being both fiery characters, they can easily arguing and clash, I'm sure they will be very sweet at the start now that they started dating...it makes me wonder how long will it take that sweetness, will they work out with their flaws and virtues and differences? they are very 50/50 of working out.
The pairing bothers me though, for few reasons, they were the ones who made the mess and they end happy, while the ones who suffered, they didn't end with anyone and still kinda suffering for their rejection and how they were rejected because of 2 people mistakes, teenage mistakes...impulsive mistakes.
I liked the couple a lot until episode 5 decreased a few points, while episode 9, a little bit, 12, that was more...
I just thought that it wasn't really that necessary for them be together at the end of Book 1, sure was inevitable, because of the recent events.

Okay, this is the cute and sweet pairing that could work out very well if wasn't for the mess that Korra did, it may not look like it, it could balance somehow, Bolin would help Korra loosen up and feel better (it may not look like it, but many times,breaking the tension and give laugh can help calm someone), Korra could help give a up in Bolin self-esteem because for being overshadowed of his older brother.
But after that mess and how it ended Book 1, it made me think that Korra it's not worthy for Bolin anymore, borra was my fave, it's a pairing wished could happen but it didn't.
I hope Bolin finds and stays with someone more worthy, just so you know I don't hate Korra or dislike her, I like her a lot, but she has still to do more to go up like she was in episode 4,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12, I hope Book 2 will do and Bolin stays with someone.

Oh my...the one that was working very well but later it didn't if wasn't certain people didn't did certain messes, it was a stable relationship and a good one, I wasn't a fan, but didn't mind the couple, once again I say, I hope she finds someone or have found someone who is more worthy (*cough*Iroh II*cough* or Bolin, who knows?, why not Bolin? well sure Bolin needs someone who can make him take things more seriously but still with that cheerful personality, Asami needs someone who is cheerful in her life, as for Irohasami to be prince and princess of disney feel, sure, but for me isn't enough, I need to see more of Iroh II in Book 2 and they interacting a lot together or else forget it), Mako has lost it for the same reasons above.

It's done for today.
Next maybe about strong female characters and Pottermore.

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