Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pottermore News

Not big news, nothing really new...

so there is a new scenario Diagon Alley, snow in Diagon Alley, the art is beautiful as usual, that's one of the things I love about the pottermore besides the exclusive content and  the potions.
and so is Diagon Alley South Side, it's so Dickens-ish.

there is a new image revealed from Facebook about tea leaves predictions...
Some of you have seen Hippogriffs, dragons and butterflies, and foreseen events such as good fortune and impending snowfall in the teacups. 
Do you agree or do you see different shapes?

What you think how it looks? at far away it looked like glasses, but looking over and thinking over, it doesn't look like a butterfly to me...I think I see a cat, an owl, an hippogriff and a dragon, but I don't think there is a dragon in there, I have to go for basing on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, or else wouldn't be here images of tea leaves to predict, right? the cat I know is right, introduction and debut of Crookshanks, Hippogriff (it's easy,"inflight experience", the class, execution and time turner scene), the shapes forms something else together...the time turner? or not.

I'm not over yet, I don't know if you have heard, complaints about users being unfairly punished for something they didn't and others who did, the suspension was for 3 days and yet can't enter for 8/9 days because of the Pottermore House Cup (troll reports, glitches, etc).
sure I understand their complain, must be terrible going through this, but you're not the only ones going through a very hard time, the Pottermore Team too, this is more than 1 million of users(check by check), advancing with Prisoner of Azkaban, give some credit to them for their work, put yourselves in the same place as them, they are having problems because of this too, not just you, Pottermore users.
See from different perspectives, maybe you become more understanding.
I know must be hard to email them many times and get just few answers, but it's not only one user they are receiving, there is many others.
Don't fuss over too much and be calm and patient and rational.

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