Friday, 7 December 2012

Pottermore: Hints of new features coming to Pottermore...

So they say for us to interpret the predictions in this tea leaves, they leave us a hint text:

'I think it looks like a camel. I think that means I'm going to go on holiday somewhere sandy. And ride a camel.' 'A dog's head – Puppy for Christmas!' 'It looks like an egg yolk in the bottom of a cup. No comment.' 'It's a four-legged chicken. Maybe I'm seeing my Sunday roast dinner...'

So what you think...well I have some stuff that may clear about more from FutureBook conference about reading industry, one of the people who work on Pottermore were there and given some mention of what's to come...CEO Pottermore Charlie Redmayne...

Pottermore will soon launch a collection of apps, a channel on YouTube and an inflight experience

Redmayne thinks that games, films, and e-books rights holders should work together to create multiplatform stories and ‘solutions’ that customers will buy – an act that is pioneered by Pottermore.

If you want to know more details about FutureConference regarding Pottermore...Click Here

and in Pottermore Facebook there is asking which Exclusive J. K. Rowling content you love most.

this stuff is pointing out that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is coming closer, I suspect it will be very close to christmas or after christmas, I bet it will be released 7 chapters as first instalment, the book it's 22 chapters after all, we may get first part of Remus Lupin background story, some new features, seems related to the hippogriff and maybe some exclusive info about animagus or Sirius Black besides Lupin. (this is speculations, what I interpret from the hints in this text and what I know before)

My suspicion on Professor Lupin background story is that J. K. Rowling already wrote few months ago she mentioned in the famous exclusive webcast interview that aired online 2 months ago:

Webcast Exclusive Interview with J.K. Rowling

that's it for today.

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