Monday, 19 November 2012

Animated Movie: Paranorman

Paranorman, a Stop-Motion animated film, it's about a kid with a special and psychic gift, he can speak with the dead, he is not well accepted in the family and his neighbourhood for this gift, but with the witch's curse, they need him most, only him can break the witch's curse.

<<<Spoiler Alert>>>

The movie is pretty neat, I felt quite related to him, not because I have psychic powers, but the fact when we're different and society doesn't accept well, the stop-motion film was stunning, I love the detail, the story is nice, gives us important messages, there is even nice small touches, like environment (there was a bird as ghost that died because  plastic was surrounding his head) and a bit daring at the same time, Neil's older brother being homosexual, it talks the messages and story progress in serious tones, such when Norman discovers the truth about the curse and the witch...
The truth about the witch being a girl named Aggie with the same age as Norman with a special gift, special powers, she was executed and killed by the judges, that's serious business.
The film at the end really moved me, the way Norman saves and help Aggie to find peace, it's quite similar to an anime I watched in that sense, I was very happy and touched by it.

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