Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Animated Movie: Disney/Pixar Brave

I watched recently...
the movie is amazing, animation is top-notch, that's expected from Pixar in animation.
The story is very moving and emotional packed with action, but can also gives a mystical feel, I cried many times (it's hard for me to make me cry).
 the voice acting was great, it makes me happy that familiar actors from Harry Potter movies is here making the voices such as Robbie Coltrane ( as Lord Dingwall - also played as Hagrid in Harry Potter movies), Julie Walters (as the witch - Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter) and Emma Thompson (as Queen Elinor -  played also Professor Sybill Trelawney in Harry Potter) and also loyal to Scottish culture, they hired british actors, I love that part, they thought of it through, a very nice touch.
The characters, what can I say? I love them, my favourite is Princess Merida, she's not a typical princess, neither typical female character, she has such love for freedom and nature, spirit of adventure, she is very courageous and very human, so is the Queen.
The main theme of the story is well applied, family, specially between mother and daughter relationship,it's probably the Pixar movie that moved me the most, more than Toy Story 3, it's my favorite for me as Disney/Pixar movie for the reasons mentioned above.

So Merida, you're already in the list of my Favourite Female Characters.

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