Sunday, 25 November 2012

Watching Anime: Death Note

I have started watching Death Note, this afternoon 4 episodes.
I'm very specific with the genre and it's time to watch.

it's instantly pretty good a neat, I'm very curious how it will unfold.
Tomorrow I will not be able to watch neither say much about it, I will have little time for myself, I will be able to watch for 3 hours and an half tomorrow, only in days I'm free from almost everything I will advance faster.
Don't be surprised if sometimes go slow, which will sometimes, I will have a kinda busy week this week.

since I just finished episode 4, I guess it starts now the real mind game between L and Light.
Light sure is very intelligent but so is L, but so their ideals, this is pretty much a battle of minds and philosophies.
But 4 episodes is not enough to say much about it, I just have to continue watching.

sorry if this was boring to read.

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