Sunday, 23 March 2014

Pottermore News: Recent Exclusive J.K.Rowling entries and Pottermore House Cup

I'm sure you have read the recent ones, not much can say about it, except about there is a lot of intensity in Quidditch Games, specially in World Cups, not surprising, soccer for example the fans are quite intense.
Yes, I'm not into sports...

Now let's get down to business to talk about the House Cup...
so had passed 3 months and 1 week since the 2nd instalment had come out, so I guess the 3rd instalment is coming after the winner of the House Cup this season is announced, as usual the winner will probably will get 24 hours 3rd instalment earlier in these occasions.
How many chapters I think it will come out soon? I speculate around 7 or 8 chapters.
the Chapters I think it will have most likely Exclusive info:
Chapter 21, Chapter 23, Chapter 24 and Chapter 26.

So Good Luck on the House Cup!

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