Thursday, 16 January 2014

Pottermore News: 2ND Instalment of Goblet of Fire is released - Thoughts and speculations

I believe many of already know that it's out.
it's from 12-20, 9 chapters in total, which now it can be confirmed it will be in 4 instalments with missing 17 chapters or unless the next one will be of 17, which I think is mostly impossible, one will have 8 chapters and the other 9, which will have which, seeing the missing chapters list, it's more likely the 3rd instalment be of 7 chapters and the last one be of 10 chapters.

Okay, the moments of the chapters of this instalment were...
AMAZING, beautiful artwork!!!!
I really love the slightly animated illustrations some of the moments, such as the famous Draco, the boucing ferret, it's pretty funny, it's fun to play around it, also the very well done Unforgivable Curses class, but the artworks that marked me most was...

They are really impressive and remarkable, I love how they animated the Abraxan's wings and the drawing of the carriage, the animated waves and the ship with full moon - it certainly gives a haunting and secretive feel to it, the animated fire and the sounds of the dragons and the dragons design, really cool.
You can tell how much the artists are having fun doing the moments for Pottermore.

Now the Exclusive info:

I will start with the one that less surprised me, Daily Prophet, because we have some idea what was around and what was most probably, if included it's origins would be more interesting.
Durmstrang, even though isn't surprising the combative focused magic school and we get to know there 11 magical schools of total around the world, which is a bit surprising, we know there is 3 schools in Europe, one on Japan, 2 in North America I think, make it miss 5 schools to go we don't know yet, also surprising during the time Igor Karkaroff as Headmaster made many parents not wanting their children in attending Durmstrang.
Now Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, I may say I was kinda surprised even though it's obvious, being myself Portuguese, it makes me wonder, in Portugal would have to be obligatory to know french at 10 years old at least, one thing being from a wizarding family and another from being a muggle-born because is most commonly learn to choose english, not both, which would be the most wise to chose both, I had french until I was 12 and always had some difficulties with the language, compared to english which was always easy to me from the start, many from certain countries would have difficulties to adapt specially muggle-borns, I would adapt better in Hogwarts.

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