Sunday, 8 December 2013

Games | Playing Pokémon X

Yep, I got a week ago, that's why I haven't been posting lately :p

I'm loving the game so far, I usually played Pokemon games on GBA emulators, I did liked them, but it's not the same, I'm pretty sure you know that playing the same game on a emulator of the handheld and in the handheld gives a different feel, also I'm not a PC person when comes to play video games, I'm into consoles (whether is home or handheld console).

I do have now 5 badges, now 3 to go...
I think Mega Evolution is pretty cool, I love the animation of the mega evolutions and also the attacks of the Pokemons and special effects of certain moves, it's hard to take way your eyes off it, my favourite so far is Electro Ball, Flame Charge and Fly.
Now when it comes to Pokemon, I'm loving Talonflame (it's kinda like an hawk+phoenix), it's a very cool fire bird...
I do also love Charizard Mega Evolution X, it's very cool...I love the Black+Blue in Charizard

I chosen to start with Chespin, since the other two is very popular, it's kinda cool and cute, it has an innocent look.
Now I intend to train my aerodactyl because he has an mega evolution, but I don't know if have the right stone or not...

now take a look at my trainer:
I'm a girl but I chosen the boy, I like the boys clothes more than the girls anyway and I named him Calem, as it's named when he is your neighbour, the picture I took with my Lapras female that I named Aqua.

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