Saturday, 28 September 2013

Watching | Legend of Korra Book 2 episode 4: Civil Wars Part 2

I will start to criticize some comments about Korra, trying to make look Avatar The Last Airbender as if it's better than Legend of Korra, by the power of the bending between the current avatar (Korra) and Katara, by just one scene, Korra relying on Avatar state to make a certain waterbending and Katara is more powerful, those kind of exaggerations are irritating to find any excuse to look down on Legend of Korra and Korra, there is huge differences, Katara was ON THE SHIP and Korra was ON THE PLANE, there is enough of differences how exaggerating you're being, Katara moved one ship to the side, Korra moved 3 ships, Korra distance from water was much higher than Katara from the water in the ship, it's harder stand up on the plane without holding anywhere while doing the moves with both hands than a ship, also Korra bending is more adaptive to aggressive elements (fire and earth, if you notice she makes bigger dimensional moves on these elements than on water), so please stop making ridiculous comparisons.

(this is mostly to most of Mundo Avatar)

Now my thoughts on the episode, I think is one of the best so far, also despite the condensed animation by Studio Pierrot, it was still pretty good and solid, the story development and character development was good, Korra though was rash but also thoughtful at the same time to a right pace faithful to her personality (not out of character), she noticed something was wrong so tried to know the truth on her own terms, so was revealed the real Unalaq objectives (The Avatar The Last Airbender Online in the previous Roundtable Podcast - about the 3rd episode, Civil Wars part 1, speculated these objectives and plans), I also suspected but didn't count on too much (I preferred to see when it happens, so I can speculate the further progress I have been thinking, to see which my speculations were most connected and stronger).
As for Bumi and Aang statue and Kya scene was very emotional, it was really sweet, the sky bisons babies are so cute, I want to hug them so bad, the time Tenzin passed with his daughter Ikki for awhile and their reconciliation with their brothers was sweet.

My Speculations, Korra to contact the president or convince the president, she will need Tenzin's help, that's when the spirit world must come in.
I hope next episode will have some more focus on Jinora.

I'm looking forward to heard Avatar The Last Airbender Online Roundtable Podcast of this episode.

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