Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pottermore News: is 1st instalment of GoF coming very soon? | Games: Nostalgia playing Kingdom Hearts HD

a teaser picture shared and revealed from Pottermore Facebook Page...The Portkey...

You know what it's definitely coming soon, there is a quite a chance is next week or one more.

Now the subject on nostalgic feelings while playing Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, I am now on Agrabah, not favourite worlds but excellent to explore, can't wait to get to Halloween Town and Peter Pan (to get glide and float in the air) and then Hollow Bastion, Yeah, I'm still quite far to get there, I love also the end of the world.
the only thing I don't like about Agrabah is Bosses except for the Cave of Wonder Entrance which is awesome.
probably the only complain of the game I have is the camera, the rest of it it's still pretty good as the 1st game 10 years ago I played.

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