Saturday, 21 September 2013

Thoughts - Watching | Legend of Korra Book 2 episode 3: Civil War, Part 1

Despite the complaints about the animation everytime made by Studio Pierrot, sure the animation in my opinion is a bit too condensed but still good and yes, Studio MIR is better, remember Studio MIR is animating 2 animated series, Legend of Korra and The Boondocks at the same time, so obviously they can't animate all Korra episodes, so stop being nitpicky with the animation by Studio Pierrot.

Overall episode, I think it was very good, I loved the interactions, how much it reveals about the characters and their problems and how they try to cope and solve them, for example, specially Korra trying to do her job as the avatar (being impartial and neutral, which is hard in her case, being inexperienced for reasons we all know, being locked up) and her parents and she tries to learn from it as much as she can, Kataang's children - we can see it wasn't all happy, there was problems, like every family has (yes, I loved these scenes), Bolin and Eska (just so you know, I knew it wouldn't click, episode 1-3 makes pretty obvious, there goes one shipping slowly going down), I can't get into the twins.
Unalaq, for me is becoming weirder in every episode, we really don't know what his goal or what he is plotting, there is something weird about him, I wouldn't say he is a villain but neither exactly nice, you can see clearly he is not a black-white character, there is something much deeper and sinister about him, Unalaq is more politically oppressive, forcing things that isn't needed, it seems like he is in a hurry for something, he wants to do in a hurry but carefully at the same time.

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