Saturday, 14 September 2013

Games: Pokémon X and Y news

There is some news, I'm kinda late about PokemonX&Y, such as the mega evolutions, but my focus will be some special features didn't come out before ever :

Styling Your Character
Character Customization variety, in the game you start with basic while you move in in cities, you can go to boutiques to style your hair and clothes even change colours, I think many of us have been waiting an opportunity to do this in Pokemons.


Next is...

Super Training
It makes me remember when I played Kingdom Hearts 3D with your spirits, it's quite similar, with few differences, different styles of grinding your Pokemons

Trainer PR Videos
This resembles a bit of Yu-Gi-Oh! Online and their DS games, the difference is to make promotional videos of your poses as a trainer and you have to go to a PR Video Studio to do so.

So there is plenty of interesting innovations
even Mega-evolutions that are temporary, many don't like the idea, but I do, I wouldn't want to be permanent, I think it's cool your character to make pose for it, I see this Pokemon Mega Evolutions as Super Saiyan of Pokemon, but instead from randomly from the Pokemon, it depends how strong is the bond of the trainer with your Pokemon, which requires more variety of strategies in battle...

Speaking of battles, there is Sky Battles:
I always wanted something like this to happen, this is very neat.

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