Monday, 16 September 2013

Avatar The Last Airbender Online Podcasts and Most ATLA/LOK fandom

I do always enjoy listening to them, they are very good, what I like most about them, they don't really criticize, they make their own observations, commentary and analysis of each episode and always reasonable, they are often impartial.
To me listening to them always help me organize my thoughts about it, because they notice something I didn't, my thoughts usually coincide with them, I recommend you to listening to them.

You can download them here in their official website:
Avatar The Last Airbender Podcasts

Most ATLA/LOK Fandom (not generalization)
I have been wanting to be less involved in discussions of the episodes (even from other fandoms), because most of their comments are written with raw emotions, usually are thinking with their emotions instead being objective and impartial, sometimes makes me wonder if they give themselves the work to rewatch and give some thought before criticizing, they always attack what they dislike and defend what they like, they rely way too much on preferences, judge things too soon and rashly (and they criticize Korra for acting rashly, pfft), then put fault on the creators and the production just because wasn't the way they wanted.
If was the way you wanted, wouldn't criticize as predictable? if is opiniated as cliché being predictable or done before (as if cliché is a bad thing)?
It's determining a value of an object by their own measure based on personal parameters.
it's fine having an personal opinion but don't mix with objective analytical observation as "proving your opinion is right", observations and analysis is impartial, it's not trying to prove anything, they are just results of our own interpretations and conclusions about an object/subject.
Once disliking a character for their behaviour, it's easier to judge and bash them than to understand them, just because you understand them better doesn't mean you have to like them or make it likeable, it helps handle and cope with the character personality and actions better.
Remember understanding isn't the same as liking, it's just being perceptive.
The co-creators and producers aren't forcing you to enjoy it, you're the ones being forceful and quite demanding, everything they do has to go with your rhythm and your ideas, each has their own same to you, so it can't please you in everything or in everybody.
If you're not enjoying then stop wasting your time in something you're not even enjoying it since they aren't even forcing you.

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