Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pottermore News: The Last Instalment of Prisoner of Azkaban and the new homepage

I was really suspecting that would be today to be released, being J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter Birthday, Happy Birthday!!

I will start with the new visual on the homepage, I like and dislike, some are rather conflicting...
for example I like, the old gateway and also the new one, because of it's detail and art is just beautiful and gorgeous, the old one given an ancient gate feel to it with books/chapters connected to each other, while the new one, has those pretty drawings like an ancient map, with the locations, the way to go to the story being under the "map", called Story Navigator and inside each moment there is a little bar, that indicates how much we fulfilled the moment and also we can comment for each moment, which is pretty cool, also each book.

however there is some mistakes, it's quite a problem, the new users will be able to fill the moments bars completely, while the old ones...sadly no, it's quite unfair, I hope they fix this problem...

Now about New J.K. Exclusive info, there was 5 entries:

Secret Keeper
That was some nice information about the charm, interesting points that we suspected, not even tortured or bewitched if the secret keeper doesn't wish to do so, so in another words, neither veritaserum or imperius or cruciatus, like it said, it has it's weakness, which has to be from the secret keeper willing to reveal the secret information, and if he dies, the ones who has also information becomes secret keepers of the same information, it's dangerous and risky, very difficult position (I wrote what they just said - laughs).

The amount of information is amazing, it's is huge, plenty goodness, so much detail that I don't even know where to start and also quite interesting, one of the most interesting facts, it's that if werewolves mate in full moon, even though it's rare, they give wolf cubs unusually intelligent, that's very interesting, also there is the difference between effect of an werewolf bite between wizards and muggles, muggles usually don't survive, wizard become werewolves because muggles has a different taste from wizards.
It seems once they become werewolf, they feel forced to isolate themselves from society because of how they treated, it's sad, because they didn't become a werewolf because they wanted to, they were forced.

some very good explanations, a bit of Laws of Time and Time-Travel, it's amazing, Time is a very complex and fascinating subject and we get to know a bit more about the Department of Mysteries, it's like science institutes, where they continue studying to discover and try to understand the mysteries and it's laws, such time-magic, it's pretty much an academic career too. it's very interesting indeed.

Patronus Charm
There is some informations we had figure out but still wondered such patronuses take form of magical creatures was rare (even though we knew Dumbledore was phoenix), some patronuses takes a form of an animal but the bearer may have an unusual personality which can gives unusual strength to their patronuses, and seems each is unique.

Remus Lupin
It's probably the most emotional character biography I have ever read, it's just so sad, Lupin is one of my favourite characters.

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