Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pottermore News: Last Instalment of Prisoner of Azkaban coming weeks and speculations

Pottermore Insider, they said they're in their final touches and the final instalment will be released in coming weeks...probably 31st July (Harry Potter and J.K.Rowling Birthday).
here is a sneak peek:
(I'm pretty sure is the Exam of Defense Against The Dark Arts by Professor Lupin)

It has been having some complaints about taking so long, I don't think it's really taking long...
The last Instalment it has plenty to offer, it's probably why is taking time, also remember that were few times that took a long time, 2 months or 1 month to come out the new instalments, today it breaks the record xD, today it makes 3 months...
I think it's pretty funny the fans regarding it, they treat it as if 1 or 2 months it's a year, when it's not.
many of their arguments, you think making this it's done with eyes closed, don't you?
you think it's just making a drawing and it's done?
I'm pretty sure when you create moments works the same way as storyboards, there is a lots of discuss, it is to decide which moments to put>how it will be done (painting, perspective, shading, the portrayal)>production (approval, etc), then the tests, the interactive which requires plenty of programming and wild knowledge about interactive sites, specially like these.
also you know there is plenty of money being invested in here for something that is free?
there is 2 teams taking care of Pottermore, one for the platforms and another for the website exclusively, obviously it will take more time.
Now let's see what we can speculate...

Chapter 16: Professor Trelawney's Prediction
From the sneak peek above, that moment belongs to this chapter, so we can expect the start of unlocking Professor Lupin biography here or next chapter (like it happened with Professor McGonagall biography), I wonder how it will turn out the prophecy, is such an important moment of this chapter, there is a chance.

Chapter 17: Cat, Rat and Dog
This chapter, I'm 80% confident at least we gonna have Professor Lupin biography (in this chapter or chapter 18), I don't know if you are aware, J.K. Rowling in the worldwide webcast, J.K.Rowling revealed she wrote a full biography of him for Pottermore, which we can expect belongs to Prisoner of Azkaban, so if it comes by parts like Professor McGonagall, it would be most likely his childhood, if not, then would be chapter 18 his full biography.

Chapter 18: Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs
Like I mentioned above, here is 100% for sure Lupin, but to prevent of being 100% wrong, I will say 95% =P...because in this chapter, it's when Professor Lupin speaks about his past, it's inevitable, J.K. Rowling mentioned that when writing his biography she got herself very emotional. I can imagine easily myself get emotional, Professor Lupin is one of my favourite characters (for so many reasons), if divided by parts, it's school years probably.

Chapter 19: The Servant of Lord Voldemort
If Lupin biography is divided by parts, here it would be after his graduation.
there is a chance to have some exclusive info about Azkaban and the Dementors or Animagus...

Chapter 20: Dementor's Kiss
There is quite a chance of some exclusive about the dementors or Patronus Charm, it would be quite hard, there is plenty of what we already know...

Chapter 21: Hermione's Secret
I have expectations of Exclusive Info about Time-Turner, which would quite interesting.

Chapter 22: Owl Post Again
If divided by parts Lupin biography, it can jump, remember Professor McGonagall from chapter 8 to 15 in Philosopher Stone, if so, it would be Lupin adulthood.

it will be quite hard work to focus on some scenes, such the chapter Dementor's Kiss, I can expect some interactive well done artwork here, but will be hard, the kind of interactive art mixed with animation when Harry stabbed Tom Riddle's diary, in this chapter, when the Dementor tries to "kiss" Harry and his godfather Sirius.
 Hermione's Secret must be very tricky and hard to moment because there is time-turner function, it would have to repeat some previous events from another perspective, from the characters using the instrument perspective, so it's tricky.

Once finished this instalment, it will when the real challenge will come, specially for us, we have to be very very patient, after Prisoner of Azkaban is Goblet of Fire, which is consisted of 37 chapters, it's not a joke, expect more than 3 instalments but with plenty potential to give us lots of New Exclusive.

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