Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pottermore - Playstation Home, new locations!!

most of you must already know (who uses pottermore and playstation home) about the new location, you can go to your own common room, explore the great hall and have charms class practice wingardium leviosa, you're able to buy a house in Hogsmeade (but you can't explore Hogsmeade you just have it's view  from window).

I have to say that from most part I like, but I have a few complaints and complaints about complaints.
some of my complaints would be about for example, I think it should be possible go to the dormitory not just the common room, the dormitories is technically a part of it, between the 4 houses is 2 towers and 2 close to the great hall...the other still remains, I think after the sorting ceremony, it should be given change of color in the robes and tie from grey to the color of their houses, so you don't, you have to buy it.

the Hogsmeade house, I heard a lot of complaints and some of them quite unnecessary, but I have to disagree, I do kinda agree with the restrictions, if this is supposed your character living house of Hogsmeade, the only wizarding village, logically has to be decorated and wearing it for the spirit of the books itself and it's meaning and not to someone's personal liking (for that you have your own apartment in Playstation Home), to see more like how a house of a wizard looks like usually.

I'm glad you can't still explore Hogsmeade in Playstation Home yet, because that would be unfair for those who don't own a ps3, in my opinion, some wizarding locations should start from the pottermore website first.
Now for example, Hogwarts grounds, I hope will come soon, it would be cool to see Quidditch Pitch, Owlery, Forbidden Forest, the moving staircases, etc...
another cool thing that would be cool (lol), like Book of Spells, have the chance to make potions with Move (I think it would be much easier to make potions xD, though I don't have much problem with it), Transfiguration, etc. I still don't own Book of Spells, wish I could though.

putting the little problems aside, able to explore your own common room (it's really neat, it's very well detailed as much Hogwarts Express, Diagon Alley and the Great Hall), but for you to enter it, you must have Pottermore account and got through chapter 7 (in another words, after the sorting ceremony),
I see what you did there... ;), this must be one of the strategies, to have new users into pottermore and maybe give incentive those who haven't read books to read it and come back again.

Pottermore Facebook is starting giving trivias, I know what this usually means :), it means the last instalment of Prisoner of Azkaban isn't very far now...(probably at the end of June or middle of July.

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