Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Rant: Stereotypes

In case you don't know what it is:
stereotype [ˈstɛrɪəˌtaɪp ˈstɪər-]n1. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding)
a.  a method of producing cast-metal printing plates from a mould made from a forme of type matter in papier-mâché or some other material
b.  the plate so made
2. (Communication Arts / Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) (Psychology) another word for stereotypy3. an idea, trait, convention, etc., that has grown stale through fixed usage
4. (Sociology) Sociol a set of inaccurate, simplistic generalizations about a group that allows others to categorize them and treat them accordingly
vb (tr)
to get this straight, there are 3 things I'm sensitive about...criticism, dry jokes and stereotypes (where makes me angered or sad).
I will give you perfect a example, "tomboy" is one of the "boys" or doesn't play dolls or likes sports or  doesn't like "girl" clothes (dresses and skirts) and obligatory lesbian, while I don't consider as real definition of one, from my own experience, they tend to be quite tough, headstrong, impulsive, have more guts,  adventurous,aggressive, likes challenge themselves and others and very competitive.

other one, introverts...well...say they are anti-social, they don't like to talk, don't like people, rude, like to spend all time alone, don't like fun...and none of this is true at all, being an introvert myself, introverts simply don't like stay very long around people (in another words, being around people for too long drains our energy), we actually do, but we prefer hang out small number of people and trust most, we like to talk but something we know good amount or we have something meaningful to say, as for rude well we don't like small talk at all, we like spend alone doing our own things or thinking, we're very thoughtful and introspective and that's how we recover energy is spending time on our own, as for we don't like to have fun, au contraire, we have our own way of having fun and we like it.

I do like wear "boyish" clothes (as long the clothes aren't tight and I hate skirts and dresses, I like large ones), but I don't have the tomboy personality, just a small bit.

I think you get my point, that stereotype from what I and you have seen is inaccurate, very inaccurate.
despite the fact I do quite disagree label anyone is considered out of ordinary by society or most people as something wrong or not really socially acceptable. what is actual normal is people being different, it means the person has individuality.
there some that actually annoys me, is the sexist stereotype ludicrous roles, men has to  be all machomen and tough and agressive (it's annoying), muscled (blergh) and shouldn't cry, can't be delicate or sensitive and women is vice-versa, etc(why should such thing define as humans, it's not our gender that define us, it's our choices).
it's still kinda strong and is taking time to let go, some countries are still as very late, quite underdeveloped in that sense.

there is so many examples, because someone adopt a style or values or has certain interests and hobbies, they twists some things, because of this err twisted rumours on stereotypes, makes social exclusion of who's different.
that's not a good way, why not embrace individuality instead of clones?

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