Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pottermore Prisoner of Azkaban 2nd Instalment and it's updates

I was sure it would be this week because of Pottermore anniversary open to public coming in Friday...
Okay I will start with the speculations I got right and wrong, some close and a vice-versa sense and in it's moments...and then my analysis of the exclusive content and it's updates
Chapter 8, I got it right, we would have exclusive content about the portraits, we get specially of Hogwarts.
I was expecting in Chapter 10: Marauder's map , to explore the map, but it seems I got the oppposite, instead of exploring it was the exclusive content about the subject, neither expecting exclusive content about Chocolate and Dementors and broomstick Firebolt half expecting, I was close, Gobstones, I wasn't expecting for sure..

interesting updates, it seems now every time it will come out a new instalment excerpts of the audio books and the most interesting one, it's the exclusive contents, every time you click to read exclusive content, appears always spoiler warning, specially if it reveals something related to future chapters and books, so it's quite interesting and with the dark mark, it was used this way before in J.K. Rowling website (now not anymore).

now Exclusive Content analysis:
Hogwarts Portraits:
So that's how it works...the whole portrait point in characters and behaviours, it depends how the painter captures the person is creating a portrait and how powerful the wizard/witch is...and the headmasters and headmistresses in their time have their portrait  but it's locket and only the headmaster or headmistress to talk to their portrait privately, to have their personalities, information and manners to help their successors after their death, very interesting facts.

The Marauder's Map:
Interesting reveals such how it detects who is who in the map by using Homonculous Charm inside the parchment, quite ingenious and funny that simply Snape isn't allowed to open it, interesting development in the characters it seems, the creators of the map, they were caught once in their final year (losing their touch with time, it seems, lol), didn't tried to have it back the map and along with time in the final months of their final year because of some priorities taking such at state of world at the time (Voldemort in the rising to power) which shows some of their some grown maturity and the other being since they were in last year at Hogwarts wasn't necessary for them if it was just for sake of keeping for nostalgia.

there is 3 interesting facts about this, it's that there is pro-players and tournaments for them, campaigns to recruits adult wizards because lost interest when grown older (it's popular around young wizards) and for last is that the mother of Severus Snape was president of the club of Gobstone at Hogwarts.
an observation from this "Gobstones enjoys limited popularity at Hogwarts, ranking low among recreational activities, way behind Quidditch and even Wizarding Chess." , it seems there isn't many games in the wizarding world compared with muggles, actually quite few, you know games being games, such as table board games and not many sports (from what we know, racing and quidditch), maybe future wizards will invent some more if you know what I mean ;).

Dementors and Chocolate:
sooo chocolate is a short-remedy, I suspected so, excessive doesn't give much benefit, some intereting to notice: "Finding ways to fight off Dementors – or depression – are essential if one is to become permanently happier."  so there is other ways to fight it besides the Patronus charm.

The Firebolt:
one of the most interesting fact, the ironwork is made by goblins, also interesting enough Harry is the first to own one, lucky Harry (I guess that's one of Harry's talents).

They said it will be in coming months the last instalment, so I guess in June or July...

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