Thursday, 24 January 2013

Webcomic: Plume NEWS!!!! and new Pages

hoy! hoy! Awesome news!! if you read Plume Webcomic, started previous week, my , 3 new pages every week of Plume webcomic, Monday, Wednesday and Friday!! so previous week came out page 3-5, so this week will be page 6-8!!
so I will show the new pages I still haven't shown...

from left to right: Page 5 (Friday), Page 6 (Monday) and Page 7 (Wednesday).
Tegan, that last panel on page five, wasn't expecting at all, I had to re-read 3 times, to make sure I understood what I just read xD. I wonder what she means by "my man" and call him for nickname, she seems to know him very well and looks like they had a relationship or something, I wonder what's between them.
Page 6, oh my xDD, Tegan is such a straight-to-the-point or so quick to the point xDD, she is quite honest...
her dress being a circus tent, I know what she means by that, it's not in a mean way, wearing the kind of dress she wears, it's not practical or comfortable in the battlefield, she's right, don't worry Vesper, I'm sure you gonna love the new outfit (I know it's the outfit we saw in the beginning, well, obviously), even though I'm sure she's gonna love, fitd her personality so well and I want to see her reaction to it so bad
Oh Tegan, you're kinda mean too and kind at the same time xD.
Vesper, :( let me hug you, that's a lot of grief and pain you're carrying, I know how it feels very well what she is feeling.

So K. Lynn Smith, I thank so much for this, a lot for uploading 3 pages a week!!
I was shocked when came out a new page on wednesday on facebook...


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