Saturday, 19 January 2013

Games: Runes Factory Oceans/Tides of Destiny, Final Fantasy Dissidia and demo version of Ni No Kuni (analysis)

Yes, I have started playing Rune Factory Oceans for some time (for some weeks, a bit before finished secret message ending of Kingdom Hearts 3D)
I didn't have advanced much in the story, I'm still getting used to it's style, it's different from other RPG's I'm used to play from how the story advances, it's a story that progresses through a lot of exploration, so it takes time, it's kinda time-consuming...but still quite enjoyable, if you like games that requires lots of exploration from how the story progresses and it's long to finish, I'm sure you'll enjoy and also the game has some simulation sim (you chose who you want to marry too), it's not a game I will be dedicated to, just to spend free time to relax (which is one of the things of the game makes me feel, because you can and it takes slowly).

as for Final Fantasy Dissidia, I still haven't started it, because I have lots in my hands to do, specially this week, some projects on the way, it is for another blog I run ( Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time ), so I'm able to make other projects as well if I can realize my goals for this project.

Now as for the Demo Version Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch, you have a limited time to play the Demo, divided in 2 parts(first part, it's related to the start of the game, 2nd probably a bit more ahead in the story, each 25 or 30 minutes I believe), in another words 1 hour.
From what I can tell, the game looks very promising, the story looks very good, it's like playing a fairytale or a story of Hayao Miyazaki imagination and animated movie picture with his art in animation, the graphics are spot-on and stunning, so loyal to Miyazaki art, even technically is good, the scenarios are amazing and colorful, it's like coming out of Miyazaki animated films, now the battle system, it's a bit similar with Star Ocean battle system with some new and innovative touches, such as changing your battle position "defend", "attack", "spells",etc, I think you can change or chose which character you want to control too.
The familiars, they are strange, funny and cute looking, that's something a bit new, summoning familiars to fight for you (I say this because there is some RPGs where you can summons creatures and spirits, Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 3D and Pokémon series, there is must be some few more), I say as something new, because summoning familiars, creatures and spirits in the battlefield in RPGs isn't common in video games.
Here is a nice touch I liked very much in the demo version which obviously will be applied in the completed game, it's that once you start playing, you can chose which audio language you want to play between japanese and english, few RPGs made in japan comes with this audio language options, in my opinion should be applied in all of them, specially the option to chose from the original language of the characters or the game itself, even less demos to give such language option, I think this video game was treated with lot of heart and lots of consideration to those players and gamers who are fans of the Miyazaki animated movies, those who grew up with the Miyasaki animated movies.
It had 9.4/10 from IGN, it must mean the game must be excellent, from what I experienced in demo, I'm sure I would love it.

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