Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pottermore: Sneak Peek preview and new badge to unlock

Dedicated to snape birthday from yesterday and being Severus Snape week! we have homework to do my readers!! xDD
I'll start off with Pottermore Insider about the sneak peek preview dedicated to Snape...

they said they are still working on it...I guess this chapter is...chapter 14, probably the last chapter of this instalment, niiiice.
it means they are almost over and some final technical touches then ;), good news, it may come out in February like I suspect.

Now...the homework to gain the badge...

In the meantime, why not honour Snape’s birthday with the latest Pottermore Badge – brew three potions successfully in a row and earn the new potions Badge on

nice, huh?

Pottermore Insider for a bit more

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