Sunday, 2 December 2012

Watching: Death Note (episodes 5-14)

Remember the last post about Death Note when I was at episode 4?
I'm at episode 14, I'm loving it so far, it is very thrilling, though there was very funny moments, even though the intention wasn't probably funny, I found really funny though xDD, I have humor when it comes to reactions, the process towards that reaction, or circumstances that are amusing and funny.

I'll point out the incredible moments here, I loved the episodes 6-7, I was laughing as much as Ryuk for the same reasons at the same time, so I should say I loved Naomi Misora, she is really a great female character, too bad she couldn't stay longer because it would give complications to the storyline, since she knew a huge clue, but her death didn't go in helped L to advance more in the investigation.

talking about L, he sure is very interesting, I love his odd behaviour and extremely intelligent, I loved Light reaction to L in person for the first time, it was funny and entertaining to watch xDD...
finally his reaction to L when he arrives home...

It was really funny this scene for me, because he holds on and on, after he locks the door of his room, sits and explodes, xDD, my weird humor.

then we meet this character named Misa Amane in episode 11 with glimpse and then we fully of her in episode 12, she is kinda smart and stupid at the same time, so is kinda weird, though I like her in it's own way.
I'm quite interested how this will play out for Light to know L name through Misa Amane.

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