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Rant: Shipping

I know what you may be thinking, I'm gonna bash or defend shipping, it's both and none of it.
If you don't know what shipping's being fan of pairings even if is non-canon(not official, impossible, technically, it's pretty much like inside a fandom there is more fandoms (shippings).

there is cool and fun stuff about shipping but also there is uncool, stressing, annoying and problematic.

so I will start with the negative, be quite aware, there is some parts, will be a rant literally (things I have been holding for 8 years, finally getting out...)

First of all, the infamous shipping wars, that's very well known, it's when a fight between shippers go to the extremes and quite passionate, insults, characters's bashing, lots of hatred in characters and shippings, etc, it's a mess, I experienced once...I tell you to not go there.

There is annoying points I can mention:

 this one get on my nerves many times, it's those shippers who think their non-canon pairing is a very passionate way, they even bash a canon pairing and the character that is in the way of their pairing, I know it looks like it's no big deal if you haven't got in a shipping war or not love a shipping, if you're in a fandom, shipping and it's wars is common even if you're not in the middle of it.

another one, on the same tone as the previous ones, no offense, this is towards fangirls, yaoi(hentai(animated pornography) between boys) fangirls to be exact, I have an extremely bad impression of them, you have no idea, it almost has no boundaries, it's very little those who are shonen-ai (boys love) fans has a moderated degree, this yaoi fangirls can go to a very sick and scary level, I will start with the non-sick and non-disturbing, instead with the annoying one, the extreme belief their yaoi couple is in a relationship when it's not, they just can't accept it, no matter what, I'll give you some examples...SasukexNaruto, Yami YugixYugi, DracoxHarry, SoraxRiku, RoxasxAxel, now the sick ones, HarryxSnape, that's one of them, the only one I can remember but I know there is more.
another thing it's annoying about this matter it's the fanarts and fanfics, yes the fanarts, it's how they portray the characters even the interactions, most of them...are Out Of Character and in a very insulting way, stereotypical way (making the cute boys be the "girly" boys and the hot boys being the "manly" boys, boys with kind personalities in "girly" and the ones rude and rough personalities in a "manly" way), how is that can't be annoying? it seriously get on my nerves.
it reflects a lot what's going on in their heads in the end (the yaoi fangirls), it's not even really because of the pairing itself, it's more the hormones (no offence), this turns more obvious when you see more yaoi than yuri (hentai between girls), the ones who usually likes yuri are boys(the fanboys, but at least they don't make a mess like the yaoi fangirls do, they just enjoy for their *manly parts*, they know and they admit it, go to specific websites), it's not hard to see why, it's the same reasons why there is girls loves yaoi.
And the yaoi fangirls, many of them complain about the boys being perverts, dirty, when they are the same too...that's the difference, boys have no problems in saying it's for these reasons, while most girls don't admit.
If they admited and just enjoyed for the real reasons with no probs like the boys do, just watch and see and it's over and go to the next one, no need to make a mess.

now for the normal shippings in general (the ones that aren't for the reasons just above), the ones who will deny no matter what that their shipping is non-canon, it's not only yaoi shippings, I can mention some, ZukoxKatara, DracoxHermione, it can be quite upsetting sometimes, the most annoying part is when they bash the character in the way of the couple, sometimes they make couple that aren't shippers of, pretend to be of the character that was in the way with another character, example: zutara shippers (zukoxkatara fans) support Taang (TophxAang) because Aang is in the way, even though Kataang (KataraxAang is the official one), I saw one similar to the extremes in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, from the yaoi fangirls, they supported AkixDivine (even though they hated Divine very passionately) but looked more believable to pretend that wasn't because YuseixAki was in the way of YuseixJack and YuseixKiryu, I can distinguish because I had seen fans who liked Divine for real are the ones mostly liked AkixDivine and liked YuseixAki.

Remember the bashing character thing? this happened with Aang in the Avatar: The Last Airbender because of Zutara, Anzu/Téa from Yu-Gi-Oh! (being in the way of yami yugixYugi and JounouchixYugi, to the point at making Anzu the villain or mean girl in the fanfics being in the way) even though was clear that Yugi loved Anzu, Ron Weasley from Harry Potter because it's in the way of HarryxHermione(Ginny was bashed because of this shipping), DracoxHermione, FredxHermione.

Hatred on shippings, this time is terrible, you see the ones who hate yaoi and yuri,  many of those are biggots, it's quite few though who hate these shippings, since in most fandoms are mostly open-minded.

Now the positive part...
I do like shipping, I think it's fun to catch a few hints, matching characters who you think would look cute together or fit well, it's fun, crazy part is the crackships, those are fun, some are disturbing and insane on purpose, crackships we can say are pairings that shippers know are blatantly impossible but still fun and love it anyways (my favourite is VanitasxAqua from Kingdom Hearts).
I can be quite complicated and weird when it comes to shipping or sort of paradoxical  for example there is a pairing I like but I don't ship and I ship and like the other one (ex: I like MakoxKorra but I love BolinxKorra and ship it), there is pairing it has my vote who should end up with but don't like much  but I ship the other one instead (ex: I don't like much Anzu/Yugi but for me they are the ones makes more sense but I ship Yugi/Rebecca, love since childhood never disappears).
I value love since childhood far more than any other in years ahead, they are the most rare, they always have special treatment from me.

EDIT: I'm not saying you shouldn't like shippings aren't officials, you can love it but just because you love it it is still no reason to bash a character, a shipping or other shippings, I think is good to see other pairing that can work or would be fun to imagine or write a fanfic about it even if it isn't official.

sorry for the huge testament...(I will make shipping analysis, possibly canon and canon, could be canon)

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