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Watching | Legend of Korra Book 2, Episode 9: The Guide + episode descriptions&speculations

I watched episode 9, few hours ago and just now finished listening to Avatar The Last Airbender Online roundtable podcast about this episode, that usually helps me organize my thoughts better.

the episode was overall very good with few complaints regarding 2 characters *cough*Mako and Asami*cough*

I'm going with the Air Temples scenes, when Korra comes to Tenzin for help, you can see how much affected her learning about the first Avatar, she is calmer, thinking things through, wiser, more humbler, makes me proud of my baby girl, that's why I have soft spot for these good-natured egocentric, arrogant and cocky characters, they may be the slowest to develop more and become better person, specially more consciously of themselves and others, she does quite resembles my favourite character of all time in that sense.
Tenzin not being able to enter the spirit world wasn't surprising to me, because I already suspected that or else how would only Jinora going with Korra? but his character development it was what surprised me in a very good way.
Also Jinora being able to see other spirits, I did suspected some people could and others didn't since it was proven with Iroh in Avatar The Last Airbender and again here with Jinora, I look forward to see more of it.

Unalaq, I'm still stuck with my theory, Vaatu is tricking him, there is more to Unalaq to understand and to know about it, he's not an archetype villain, Bryan and Michael rarely goes through that path regarding villains and also there is something else, the only thing I wonder is how Unalaq was able to contact Vaatu before the southern portal was open, how he did go to in between(the Physical and Spirit worlds), unless spiritually, of course, even more wondrous when at the time both the spiritual world and the physical world were sealed, others questions we have ponder, Wan sealed the portals so no human couldn't enter physically, but he says won't enter physically in the spirit world, so in another words, from what I can understand about it and confirm, Vaatu is not really in the spirit world and neither the physical world, it's literally in between like it's said, so Vaatu can be contacted somehow in the spirit world, it seems we just need to know how.

now the uncomfortable, Masami, this time to some extent agree with the most of the fandom, I don't hate Mako or Asami, but I agree what they did wasn't right and also Mako was at a moment of weakness(nobody believing him and kinda stressed to find evidences) and unconsciously Asami took advantage because she still loved Mako and wanted date again with him, I hope it won't have much of a big mess because of this, in another words, the romantic subplot won't interfere too much in the plot, we had that in Book 1, no need anymore.
As for Bolin, it's still developing, even in this episode did though it was really small, but according to next episodes we will have more of Bolin and probably more highlighted.

Speculations time!!

Episode 10: A New Spiritual Age – ““Korra enters the spirit world and struggles with the Avatar’s relationship with the spirits.”
I can't say much except, I will be able to confirm my theories about the avatar and it's 2 worlds and develop further and I will be able to ponder some questions about it I have it since after I re-watched a few times of Avatar The Last Airbender, it will give some evidences and thoughts I will be in touch on next episode and more ahead.

Episode 11: Night Of A Thousand Stars – “Bolin saves the day when President Raiko is attacked.”
that's the one I mentioned where Bolin would be highlighted, I think episode 10 may be focused heavily on the Korra and Jinora Journey to the Spirit World, I think this is the episode Bolin may know already about Varrick or will be this episode and saves the day, maybe Bolin after this attack he will realize Mako had been right all along, somehow Bolin may be able to prove it, that's probably when Bolin and Asami look through the night sad and disappointed outside in the Pro-bending Arena...

Episode 12: Harmonic Convergence – “Korra and company try to close the spirit portals before the Harmonic Convergence.”
We can have some idea what will happen, as for Korra and Company, I wonder who will be in the "company" members...Team Avatar is back or new members in Korra's company being airbenders and kataang kids or both, I don't know...

Finale | Episode 13&14: Darkness Falls – “Korra discovers a new twist in Unalaq’s evil plan; Tenzin realizes that he must face his own demons.”/ Light In The Dark – “Korra discovers a way that she may be able to defeat the ultimate dark spirit and save the world.”
This is when probably we are gonna know the truth about Unalaq and Vaatu, their true intentions even though may differ in some parts.
 As for Tenzin, I think I know what it is he is going through, it probably relates with episode 9, like he wasn't able to completely live up to his father and his culture for not being spiritual enough and Air Nomads legacy, face his problems he always hold back and kept closed deep down, character development for Tenzin, YAY.

I wonder what way Korra gonna discover to be able to defeat this ultimate dark spirit (probably fusion of Unalaq with Vaatu?)

Next Episode post, be ready, it will be probably huge.

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