Friday, 8 November 2013

Animated Movies: The Croods & Epic

I will talk about the 2 movies I watched some time ago...

I will start with...

I did enjoy watching this movie very much, not my favourites, but still quite enjoyable, the animation was amazing, I like very much the interactions between the characters, the lovely message they wanted to convey, the story is solid enough, most characters are well developed and rounded, my complain is the start as archetype villain into, not wanting to be mean and offensive, "excuse not black-white villain by avenging his son".

Now with:

It's a family movie, literally, it may not resonate with many people, but it's a surprisingly good movie, even though, the humour and story maybe kinda bland in a good and bad way, but the movie's strengths are the amazing character development, the animals designing and the beautiful backgrounds.
I liked the movies very much enough of wanting or would buy the DVD, yes, I liked this one more than Epic.

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