Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pottermore News: 1st Instalment of Goblet of Fire to all members of Pottermore

so it was at midday, so I'm kinda quite happy despite my sinusitis on the move (ugh), the irritating rain mood changes (typical of Autumn), the day did go fairly well.
On topic of the title, today it came out the first instalment of Goblet of Fire with 3 new exclusives, surprisingly with 11 chapters, I wasn't counting on that in a good way, I thought that would be 7 or 8 chapters, as for the speculations it will be after write about the exclusives...

J.K. Rowling Exclusives:

The Floo Network
that's was one of the exclusives I didn't expected, specially with new feature additions, such on J.K. Rowling Thoughts where she tells a story of an accident about a witch called Violet Tillyman in audio clip and under it the transcript of the audio clip, I think it was very thoughtful of Pottermore and put it that way, mostly for people with some difficulties and also for special way for mostly everyone on J.K. Rowling speaking in the audio clip.

The Portkey
From the description, the Portkeys on a pre-arranged time, another interesting fact, it can cause nausea, giddiness and worse, it had to be expected, like Harry described it feels like a hook behind a navel, well it has to be unpleasant and someone feel kinda bad...

Interesting symbolisms with colours, by the way, I was never fan of purple and green, my favourites being about more of the houses (I'm pretty much Ravenclaw then, my favourite element is air and colour is blue, I'm starting to like bronze, it's a humble colour, silver sounds quite fancy even though I like the coulour) and Hagrid and Dumbledore connections in alchemical symbols of their first names of Harry seeking of father figures, so that was very interesting and really beautiful.

Now speculations, I think we can imagine to be missing 3 parts, another words, divided in 4 parts, that much can be confirmed, 1 of the missing instalments be around 7 or 8 chapters, the other 2 around 11 to 12 chapters.
launch speculations, 2nd will be probably around November or December (Highest chance), 3rd around February or March, 4th would be May or June...

to finalize, I finally filled completely the Story Navigator Bar, the hardest for me was the Knight Bus and I'll show you one of my favourites artworks on this first instalment :

Other Favourites Moments: list: The House in the Hill (it's so beautiful and kinda spooky, the art, I'm thinking of putting as a cover of Facebook on Halloween), The Misty Moor and Camping Site (included one of my favourite parts of this chapter which is quite hilarious).

One of the things I love about Pottermore besides the exclusives it's surely the artworks on scenes that were never shown in the movies and see the versions of scenes following faithfully the books and beautifully done.
It would be very neat if in the future would come an artbook of Pottermore with commentaries of the staff and crew and J.K. Rowling.

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