Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Games | Playing Tales of Xillia

I'm not even far in the game, I'm still in Xian Du, I'm about to prepare myself to enter the coliseum...
I'm loving most characters, the rest usually I just don't care, however there is exceptions, such as Ivar, this character is so annoying, I didn't ever disliked so much a character in video games such as Ivar, actually I'm not into disliking characters this much.
even though he is so irritating, I do understand his role (mostly comic relief), I'm not saying he is a bad person because he isn't, I know he means well, he is just annoying, stupid and easily manipulated, idiotically naive, extremely impulsive and reckless, besides his type of comical relief character doesn't resonates with my sense of humour (the skits does), it's supposed to make laugh, however the effect on me is the opposite, I just get more irritated instead.
Despite the fact I dislike the character, I don't think he should be out of the game, sometimes we need annoying characters or characters we dislike, the story just wouldn't be the same, look at Umbridge from Harry Potter, even though I hate her with every fibre of my being, but the books wouldn't be the same without her (actually she is the one who breaks the dullest situations), it's important to appreciate characters we dislike, they give spice to the other characters and the story and to us.
I mean, the story would be boring if we liked all the characters, no offence, too much likeable characters, neither characters who are too likeable, doesn't give much spice, too much sugar isn't good.

My favourites so far is Milla and Jude, I believe is quite common, Milla, she is so weirdly funny and socially awkward (she kinda resembles me in many senses), how she socially evolves as a character and strong person, Jude, he remembers me of Yugi and Chrom, he is so kind and good-natured, even though he is idealistically naive and worries too much, but his growth as a character is always interesting and becoming strong, but his own strength and so clever and always tries to help when sees someone is in trouble (that's just the way he is).
By the way, I already ship them, I have such a shipping inclination, I just can't help it, besides they are so adorable together to the point that sometimes in some scenes between them melts my heart, they start kinda like Hope and Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII, I do love their relationship, not just for shipping reasons but also how their trust for each other builds and watch each other's back and how they positively they influence each other in building of their own as characters.

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