Sunday, 11 August 2013

Games | Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening

I'm loving the game so much, I'm in chapter 22 - training characters phase before going to complete chapter...

even though I got most of their children, but not all characters in my unit, such as Gaius and Tharja (because I was an idiot, I didn't know you had to go talk them first with Chrom or Avatar at the time), also I couldn't catch up with Severa and passed unintentionally probably Laurent -.- .

now misses of the ones I can now is Nah and Yarne, let's see who I can pair up who with who (I know who are the mothers, now only misses the right partners).

The game definitely has replay value, I still haven't even finished the game and I'm still thinking what next how I will do, this doesn't usually happen to me with video games, specially strategy (however I do enjoy strategy board games).
Do you know the good feeling that when you make an good investment in your shopping, when you simply don't regret what you bought, it was very well worth it, so you have a special love for it, specially with your own money, Fire Emblem: Awakening it's in that list and with replay value makes all the more worth it, believe me is very hard something I buy goes to this list, it's starting to have intrinsic value to me.

btw I think Fire Emblem: Awakening has a really pretty cover art :D

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