Thursday, 25 July 2013

Games | Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening

It arrived on Monday - 22nd July, I started playing after dinner, guess what? I'm already addicted xDD

I do only play at evening after dinner, house chores and analysis to write, even though I didn't have much chances to write analysis, and my sprained ankle kinda get's in the way to feel comfortable to write... also I don't want to overuse my Nintendo 3DS, I want to keep my beloved handheld healthy...

so the game so far, I'm loving it so far, even though I'm in chapter 11, so I'm close to half of the game, I'm playing with Female My Unit/avatar by default customizations and name except the date and strengths|weakness, etc, I do have intentions to do the same but as male then will be the way I want xDD.

I can't say much about my favourite characters, I'm still waiting to reveal more of the characters I'm on the look out first...
I do like most of the characters, some of them I don't dislike them, they are just a little boring, others rather interesting, I did already make already 3 couples - My UnitF&Chrom, Frederick&Sumia and Kellam&Miriel (I like this one a lot, it's so weird and quirky), I'm preparing some others.

so the gameplay is very cool, I love the pair up support, it's so cool, it gives support and these supports the more they involve, better is the teamwork performance, in another words, the character development affects the gameplay and characters performance, which is very neat, usually I'm not into strategy except for strategy board games, but this strategy RPG is like playing chess but with story and character development.
it's very addicting and the story...I didn't move that much, but so far I'm liking a lot.

I will give you some news how I'm going in the game as I move forward with the game...

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