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PottermoreNews Interview Part 2: Charlie Redwayne

Pottermore News website released part 2 of the interview with Charlie Reedwayne - Pottermore Ceo.

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Thoughts & Observations

I did already understood the interactive reading experience from beta to public would be quite hard (unlike some many complaining fans), engineering and computer programming is very hard, you have to understand many languages just to make it work in most browsers and interactive at the same time, also there is the artists working on it, putting the exclusive content in certain pages, etc.
I do always appreciate their hard work and I know it's very complex. =)

The hardest part was the huge pressure, I wonder who those were causing pressure *cough*cough*.

It seems I wasn't the only one a bit disappointed with Prisoner of Azkaban part 1 release...according to Charlie, they are trying to put on balance with timing like not with too much content right on the 1st part, I think it's what he means...
Now what bothers me a bit...:
We’ll also be rolling out into more territories. At the moment we’re in English, both in the U.S. and U.K., French, Italian, German and Spanish. The site will be rolling out in Japanese. At the moment only the Shop’s in Japanese. We’ll also be rolling out in South Korea and Brazil. Those I can guarantee, but we may be rolling out into more countries as well.
Otherwise, you will see [the e-books in other languages.] They may not have their own shop but there will definitely be shops for Korea and Brazil. In some of the other territories, we’re going to make the ebooks available from the existing stores.
Myself being a Portugal-native, it bothers me, I understand some of the reasons, Portugal signed the new orthographic accord which is very similar with brazilian portuguese, despite I do quite disagree, it's not for liking Brazil, I respect it a lot, but it's because of portuguese and latin culture and also the given portuguese language in Brazil it was by us, I just think is kinda unfair, I hope it comes to Portugal too, though I doubt...
the most interesting is here:
You will see new digital platforms – the Book of Spells on PlayStation is just the beginning of what we’ll do in Playstation and other platforms.
[All of the different experiences will be about] experiencing Pottermore on all the platforms and access for us to do so. [Pottermore] will continually evolve. One of the great privileges of running a digital business is that we’ll be talking about things next year which we didn’t even know we’re going to exist this year. We need to react to those opportunities and make sure we stay at the forefront of what we’re doing.
 so it's not only Book of Spells for Playstation, we're gonna have more? niiiiice, hope for PS3 again, though there is quite a chance for PSVita, now the other platforms besides playstation, does it mean other platforms exclusively Sony (tablets, hope not, they are very expensive)? or there will be others? I wonder, I wonder, it would be neat for Nintendo 3DS :D.

About Pottermore Shop new products and "experiences" and it's affiliation with Warner Bros., which it means there will be Pottermore exclusives, maybe a software (remember there is Warner Bros Games)? I wonder, I wonder.

as for the response from the criticism, some are unfair (such as the context, some expecting some MMO, when was clear it said reading experience, pushing and pushing, giving more pressure), others quite comprehensive such as the glitches and the house cups little probs and cheating and some users were accused unfairly...I want them to get better but also those who cheated being better people by not cheating for the house cup.

But ultimately, what it was always meant to be, was J.K. Rowling giving something back to her fans. Running a website that has so many millions of people using it for free is an immensely expensive undertaking and I hope it does have value because it is certainly something that J.K. Rowling is investing a huge amount of time and money in making sure it happens. Nothing like this has ever been done before and it is a groundbreaking adventure.
I  hope with this, fans stop being very picky, it's free, huge amount of work and money is being invested for something for free, the only thing to pay is to buy makes absolute sense being e-books, audio books, wonderbook- book of spells.

Pottermore is my favourite website then is Google, Pottermore is a website I don't go every week or every day, once awhile (I usually go for the ilustration and exclusive), they said they gonna put more stuff that can convince pottermore users come back not just for exclusive content, I look forward to see how and what they gonna do it.

it seems part 2 of Prisoner of Azkaban is coming March instead, I think our suspicions, they must be working very hard on Hogsmeade, I guess it's really what's gonna be unlocked in the superior left corner with a locket.

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