Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Thoughts and Observations: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Dream Drop Distance

YES, I finished the game officially

Of course, I didn't collect all treasures and the spirits and all the trophies.
But I unlocked the Secret Message and Secret Ending, for me to be able to accomplish it, it means a lot to me, it's usually the hardest parts besides the all the trophies to collect (which I'm not sure if I can
I loved the game of course, the battle system is love <333, my favourite is the flow motion and the deck comands, but a bit small, even though I finished in 78 hours and 15 minutes to be precise (Lv 79 - Sora, Lv 78 - Riku), it looks big, it's big if it is for the Secret Message and Secret Ending, for you to unlock it, in Standard Mode you have to unlock 7 trophies, the difficulty level I played.

in case you need how many you have to in different difficulties here:
Standard Mode = 7 Trophies
Proud Mode  or Highter = 5 Trophies
Yes, no secret ending and message for Beginner Difficulty Level.
So if you're a fan like myself, better go buy a Nintendo 3DS and the game (please don't give the "buy a console for 1 game", in 3DS case is for 3 games of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 3D isn't the only good game for 3DS, there is plenty more), there is quite a shocking revelation, the other surprising, one that we were all we fans were hoping for ;),
some revelations and informations that may be important for Kingdom Hearts 3, or else you will be confused with the story in general of Kingdom Hearts if you have only played Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2.

Spoilers Ahead (you must have played the game)!!!

The story was very fine, a bit rushed in the end, revealing Lea can wield a keyblade, I was surprised, of course, shocked to be precise, but still felt rushed, he has the capacities and worthy of being a keyblade wielder, no doubt.
Now as for the Ending about the Keyblade War to awaken and forge the x-blade, you need 13 seekers of darkness and 7 Guardians of Light...
12 is decided from 13 seekers of darkness (the different times of xehanorts and his nobody and heartless, 2 members of the organization XIII and finally Master Xehanort), when you reached the ending, we know 6 of the Guardians of Light as being Mickey, Riku, Sora, Aqua, Ventus and Terra.
Before being able to finally unlock the message and the secret ending, I suspected the 7th Guardian of Light would be between Kairi and Lea, most probably Kairi (she was already transfered by a master by Aqua in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 2 we saw a scene of Kairi wielding a keyblade)...
My heart was jumping of how nervous I was when was to unlock the secret message, it was 4 times I tried to unlock (it was at the 4th time I was most nervous and afraid to fail), because I'm terrible at diving in the game... you can't fail not even one letter, because if you do, you have to fight the 3 final bosses all over again, answer the 3 questions all over again...pain in the butt and scared of failing again

Now the Secret Message:

The past will be reawakened
as a new number 
in never-before-seen detail

Prepare yourself for the awakening 
of the next number
That's the Secret Message and Secret Ending reveals Kairi being the 7th Guardian of Light...

The Secret message can mean many things, it can be the awakening of Ventus or new seeker of darkness (it can be Vanitas, I suspect the Nightmare that Riku fought when was trying to wake up Sora from being trapped in the nightmare was Vanitas, because his attacks were very familiar and the feel and colors of his attacks felt and seemed like Vanitas) or awakening of Kairi as Keyblade Wielder or Aqua...however the "never-before-seen detail" it's what makes me wonder...new character? or awakening of this new number being Kairi?

But we can tell that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be Kairi being one keyblade wielder active from now on, I suspect Kairi forte or will be more focused in is Magic like Aqua.
I must say I'm excited for Kairi being a keyblade wielder, just so you know I always wanted her to be because she had so much potential and was annoying the KH developers not doing almost nothing about it, it's about time to finally have one more female keyblade wielder and Kairi becoming one, to make it more awesome being the 7th Guardian of Light and one of the Princesses of Heart, I mean come on, keyblade wielder being a princess =D, it's like having a good-natured and very kind, Azula - like a counterpart of Azula (she being a princess of the Fire Nation and being a firebender, firebender prodigy to say the least), so yeah it's cool.

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