Saturday, 29 December 2012

Rant | Analysis: Gender Identity

It's a relevant subject, but it needs to get out for me.
I don't know if you remember where I mentioned this subject around my rant about bigotry, in this case, I will abroad the subject in general, not just bigotry, it's what bothers me about this subject.

what usually bothers me relating the subject is mostly caused by ignorance, and they say ignorance is bliss, I wonder where is a bliss...if you like being a fool and blind, go ahead.

so here is, as we know and mentioned before, gender identity isn't definitive, it can vary, it can be diverse in  all fields, physical, biological, psychological, mentally, when was believed to be decided as cisgender (male and female), but many cases has proven wrong, just because we heard few in news, it doesn't mean there isn't more, when there is, also it doesn't apply only to human beings, other living beings too (animals and plants (yes, plants have genders too).

the biggest problem here we see are the stereotypes and the roles by cisgender roles order, as ridiculous as they may be, people who think that our identity is defined by gender tend to be very narrow-minded and sexist and to finalize...ignorants.
I mean seriously, if gender can be diverse, which is obvious is that each existence as living being is trying to adapt to the biological nature surroundings, of course the rest of it will be different.
In conclusion, we don't really have gender in the sense of the existence in each individual.

so what I mean is, to those who is "gender confused", or think "a girl in a body of a boy" or vice-versa, that's not really true at all, you are who you are and nothing else, the rest relates to biological nature, in special for cisgender women (if you know what I'm talking about...>>", the nightmare that comes every month and also our reproductive system) that's only minor differences that is distinguishable that we can't runaway, you have to accept. However one wonders about it to androgynous women and hermaphrodites, in the end, once again, we really don't have one.

it's our choices who tell who we are and how we percept what surround us far much more than our gender and our abilities (yes, I'm referring to also cisgender women abilities) and this is where you should focus, treat yourself as human, as an individual and as a person and the same how you should treat others too (however there is some who doesn't deserve our respect).

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