Monday, 31 December 2012

Rant | Analysis: Difference between Harry Potter fans and fans of the movies

Read it if you like Harry Potter, it's a wake up call.

Yes, it's complain about who claim being "fans of harry potter" when they haven't read the books, but also attitudes of the actual fans towards this kind of "fans of harry potter" (also the competitive ones) and the ones who "rolls their eyes and thinks *this crap again*, just because someone just watched the movies doesn't make them less of a fan, because you read the books doesn't mean you're better than everybody else" (those are the ones who annoys me well, because you're incorrect and not understanding the real fans point).

My only few problems with those who claim being "fans of Harry Potter" and haven't read the books, just watched the movies, because they loved the movies. you're not fans of Harry Potter in general, you're fan of the Harry Potter Films and nothing else. I may have sound rash,here is a example...
 if you said "I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter movies!", then yes, it's more than welcome, but if you say "I'm a big fan of Harry Potter but I haven't read the books and not interested!" and here is my reaction:
in another words, I'm not okay with that.
I hope the ones who rolls their eyes, understands what we fans meant is this, that's why we get pissed for the reasons mentioned above, it's not for the sense of superiority or think we're better fans or greater fans than the ones who just watched movies, our problem is who claim to be fans when they're fans of the movies, put simply, we just hate when they say they're fans of harry potter in general instead of fans of the movies.
when you say "fans of Harry Potter", means in general and not specific to 1 section, because it's as if they say it being Harry Potter fans as if Harry Potter are movies only, when we all know it's a fantasy literature while the movies is just an adaptation of the books (the same for video games, except the ones of exclusive of JKRowling like the Book of Spells(just so you know, Pottermore isn't a videogame, so I'm not including it in the video game list).
So who love the movies and never read the books and consider themselves fans, you are fan but FANS OF THE MOVIES. If you only watched the movies and you are fan of them, say you're fan of the movies.
Fans of Harry Potter, correct them when it happens and explain why and don't be rude.
I hope this cleared up some confusion!

Regarding the competition between some stupid actual fans, who behaves like children discussing who likes more the hero in the playground, being a fan isn't a competition, making it a competition makes forgetting what you love of what you're fan of, people have different ways of display their love for the series, such as reading and making analysis of characters, locations, the story, the themes being explored, others collecting items and books of Harry Potter merchandise or decorating your house or bedroom with Harry Potter stuff, making role-playing, writing fanfics, draw and making fanarts, create RPG of pen and paper, discuss and talk with other fans by gaining and see and learn from new different perspectives, etc.
See? don't be harsh to those who are being competitive, just make it clear, being a fan means love over story  or character or animals with different ways of displaying their love for it.

I hope made my point and message understood to fans of harry potter, fans of harry potter movies and the ones who rolls the eyes and say "this crap again"

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