Friday, 30 November 2012

TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory S06E09 & Modern Family S04E09

I watched the episodes of this week...and it was great, both episodes


Spoiler Alert
The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 9
the episode was so funny, specially the fights, provoking each other and fight between Howard and Sheldon for a parking spot, that was so funny, specially when it took to such a level such as this XDDD :
that was so funny xDD

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Modern Family Season 4 Episode 9
this one was funny and nice scenes from Cam, though funny Alex sure tried to embarrass Haley to avenge her but it did go so bad that didn't work, sure Alex got bad luck(I have similar bad luck), I almost really thought by surprise that Gloria was about to have the baby, it was just an excuse to help Claire from a really bad situation XD.
for a cute and funny gif ;)

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