Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rant: difference between quality and taste

Did you ever thought all your tastes were of good quality?
Did you ever encounter with most people who thinks something you like or love is rubbish and you consider good? felt incensed by it?

it's quite a pushy subject, but I need to get it out.
there is huge difference in these, however, the annoying part, they think their tastes is what's good and the best...even if it's good or not and what they don't like is rubbish quality.
 see? taste is personal, quality isn't, quality is more objective.

there is good stuff but sometimes doesn't suit your taste.

let me give quality storytelling example that is constantly underrated and underestimated...
Yu-Gi-Oh!, don't you dare mention as "children card game cartoon" (even if you're a fan, I don't like at all Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged series, don't quote quotes from that(I'm tired of seeing it), I didn't ever watched, but I still can tell, since it's very famous, it seemed to me, it changes the real views or dubs (though I despise it) to jokes, even from's sad for me).
 Yu-Gi-Oh! it's not a about a kid named Yugi who becomes friends with a spirit inside millennium puzzle and helps to save the world through a children card game, which is wrong, it's about a freshman high school who solves the puzzle unknowingly there is a spirit inside, sometimes he has "blackouts" which is when is the spirit taking over when Yugi and his friends is in crisis, punish bad people through shadow games from the power of the millennium puzzle, while the story goes on conducting to Duel Monsters, the spirit inside the puzzle is believed to be "the other Yugi", Yugi's "other self", later is discovered that he is a spirit with no memories, doesn't even know his name, Yugi helps the spirit to collect his memories, pieces to help it (Yugi has to fullfill the conditions for the spirit recover his memories, being the 3 egyptian god cards and the 7 millennium items), when you read it or watch, reading shows it's real deal though, it's quite more complex and dark than it looks, no offence, but the anime even in japanese is a bit sunnier than the manga, while the dub version is even more sunnier.

Wow it's so different! say to 4KIDS thanks for ruining and changing the main story, if you want to know where the real story resides, read the manga created by the original author or watch almost bad adaptation Toei Animation(98) and NAS writing in it in japanese with subtitles.
see what I mean by this? now the story is quite fine but may not captivate you or doesn't interest you. quality and personal.

another example, it's also very annoying too, comparison between which is better.
Do you remember when we were kids discussing with other kids or people, which rock or metal band (mostly boys) or boys bands (mostly between girls) were better?
Kid A: mine is the best!
Kid B: NO, mine is better!
Many adults and teenagers still behave like this but calmer and less nosier, but still compare which is better as if their taste is the critics of films, books, series, music, sports teams, political views, etc.
sometimes it is because of ignorance and stuff and don't really come up with reasonable answers.

for example people who likes Lord of The Rings movies but don't like Harry Potter movies because Lord of The Rings is very complex while Harry Potter isn't, that's very insulting (specially being a potterhead and I watched Lord of the Rings and loved it, I want to read it, but I don't have any money), Harry Potter is actually very complex, the real reason, these people doesn't even know themselves that it's because they don't favour modern fantasy but like more the historical kind because it resembles more the fairytales, feels more familiar to them, not because of being more complex than the other.
just the same where there is many girls like twilight so much because it's romantic fantasy.
the answers are actually simple, personal reasons, not quality problem.

Many people think that liking things for personal reasons aren't good reasons, quality reasons are the good reasons, quality is to be appreciated not to go bragging about it, personal reasons are more understandable, it gives you the idea the genre the person like or what the person likes whether has quality or not.

there is even nothing wrong in liking things doesn't have quality or not much, besides it gives a light touch so you don't have to thinking too much about it and it's always good have things to like that give you thoughts.

sorry for the big text.

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