Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rant: Difference between Ignorance and Stupidity

An opinion that can be consider as fact if you agree, well actually is a fact.

there is many people who think ignorance is synonym of stupidity and vice-versa, when it's quite wrong.

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Stupidity is lack of intelligence and great difficulty in understanding and learning while ignorance it's lack of knowledge, information and depth (many times tend to be single-minded and literal).

so what I'm saying is that people can be both intelligent and ignorant just as people can be ignorant and stupid, even stupid people can be not ignorant (may have great difficulty but can get there somehow).
Ignorance is by choice while stupidity isn't.

I can mention ignorants, no offence, sceptics can be ignorant many times (sometimes to a annoying level), other examples, bigotry and there is another who thinks knows everything about a subject  when what it really knows is just what's on the surface and not what's under it (which is the most important).

so in case you're ignorant about some subjects don't feel bad or inferior, it's okay as long you're willing to learn and  know more, if you're not interested then don't mention the subject (so you won't have to feel really bad), as you see ignorance is a matter of choice.
Just because someone is knowledgeable about a subject or many subjects doesn't mean they are superior and ignorant is inferior or think it is, is just that the knowledgeable knows and learns more because they are willing to than a ignorant who don't have thirst for it or prefer remaining ignorant.

just let me tell you I have an unpleasant trait, I am intolerant towards ignorance, but I'm willing to let people who are ignorant about a subject to learn and knowing.
it doesn't hurt to learn and know a bit more about something beyond the basics and the surface.

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